Missouri Arrowhead Collections For Sale

All collections I sell have been thoroughly inspected. Any artifacts that have been re-chipped or are believed modern will not be presented in the collection. If you are interested in purchasing a collection I have listed please contact me by phone at 417-619-3269 or send me an email at steve@mpowerinternet.com.


Williams Jones Coll. (SOLD)

This collection was given to Ray Jones by his father, William Wagner Jones, born in 1919, These points, axe heads and tools were collected by his grandfather, William Edward Jones, born in 1893. As a young man, he collected them in the fields west of Carthage, Illinois in Hancock County, Illinois near the convergence of the Mississippi River and the Des Moines River.

The first axe is a 3/4 grooved late archaic axe 5-1/4" long
The second axe is also 1/2 grooved late archaic axe 4-1/2" long
The double full gooved axe is 3-5/8" long
Flared bit celt is 3-3/4" long
The last celt is very nice just over 9"




Lee Adams Collection (SOLD)

This is a display of arrowheads from the Lee Adams Collection. There are 102 + pieces in this collection from Sean Melton.

Lee Adams recorded excavations in SW Missouri during the 1940's to 1960's. Most of the artifacts in this collection are from Stone, Barry, McDonald, Lawrence and Newton counties of Missouri. Many of his excavations are recorded in the Missouri Archaeologist Journals. Several of the arrowheads in this collection are pictured in the journal. Lee kept a journal of where he found each point. The buyer will receive a copy of the journal. There is also a poster board with pages from the Missouri Archaeologist showing a picture of Lee Adams and some of the pages from which points in this display are pictured. There are 102 pictured in the the frame and some additional loose points that go with it.

Arrowheads in this collection were found in the White River drainage at very well know archaeology sites back in the 1930's and 1940's. Sites like Rock House Cave, Kings Cave and Orwood Bluff. There are Afton, Adena Dickson, Rice Side Notch, Cupp, Standlee, Kings Corner Notch and side notch Osceola or Hemphill type points in this collection. 

 Lee Admams Collection

Lee Adams Arrowheads

Lee Adams Documentation

Moore Collection Dade / Polk County Missouri (SOLD)

The Moore Collection was collected over two generations by the Moore father and his two sons. Most or all of the artifacts were found in Dade and Polk counties of 'Missouri on Turnback Creek, the Sac River or around Stockton Lake area. There are about two dozen pieces that were found in Maryland whne the Moores lived on the East Coast for a short time. They are easily indentifiable as they are either darky Rhyolite or a grained white quartz. There is one exceptional piece in this group. The rest of the collection from Missouri spans the Early Archaic to the Missippian cultures. There are some exception points in this collection. My favorites being the Adena, Aftons ans an Angostora (possibly Agate Basin). The points are glued to boards and ready for display or they can be removed with soapy water. Below are the main images showing the whole collection and by board. This collection will be sold as a group and not available to sell choice pieces. There are approximately 685 pieces in the collection. So they are priced at less than $4 per artifact. There is one Stone axe that their father made a handle for.