The Springfield Indian Artifact Show is held the second week of May every year. The 2016 Springfield Indian Artifact Show will be held May 13 - 14 at Ozark Empire Farigrounds Eplex located in Springfield , Missouri. 

Our 2015 show was our 9th year and had over 160 tables representing collectors and sellers from eight states. We also had a large visitor attendance and many bring artifacts in for identification, appraisal and to have arrowheads authenticated by Don Dickson.

Show hosts, Stephen L. Burks,  from Springfield, and Richard Eady, from Marshfield, are avid collectors. Burks began collecting arrowheads at age 15 when he was invited to help with an archeological dig by his high school history teacher. We have been evaluating artifacts for over 30 years.

“I found my first arrowhead on the first day I worked,” said Burks. “I’ve been hooked ever since.”

One of their favorite ways to find arrowheads locally is to walk through recently plowed fields, scanning the overturned dirt for a glint of flint. Burks and Eady always gain permission from the land owners before walking the fields.

Following his passion for arrowhead hunting, Eady purchased a field in Webster County in 2001 for just that purpose. So far, he has found many new pieces to add to his already impressive collection.

Burks and Eady met while frequenting local artifact auctions. They struck up a friendship and began traveling to artifact shows in Collinsville, Ill., Springdale, Ark., Tulsa, Okla., and the Lake of the Ozarks area.

“We realized how many people in the Springfield area we kept seeing at those shows,” said Eady. “So we decided to try and host one locally to see if there was enough interest.”

The first Springfield Missouri Indian Artifact Show saw over 400 visitors and inspired the friends to host a second.  In 2008, Burks and Eady brought in an artifact authenticator for vendors and visitors who wanted to receive authentication certificates on certain artifacts. These certificates are helpful for insurance purposes and for sale value. An authenticator will be at the show this year as well.

In 2007 the Springfield Missouri Indian Artifact Show was accepted into the Greater St. Louis Archeological Society.