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Missouri Arrowheads Artifact Collectionss_920x230-054836.jpg

Our Interest in Arrowheads Began Over 45 Years Ago

I became interested in collecting Indian Artifacts back in 1975 after spending the Summer assisting my 8th grade Science teacher with an Archaeological excavation of a cave site. He was an amateur Archaeologist who was working on a very large excavation by hmself. He recruited me and a couple of other students in his class to help.  It was very interesting and an active site bearing arrowheads, pottery and bone tools. 

It only took that one summer for me to get hooked. I started hunting the area around Marshfield in Webster and Greene Counties. I spent time when wasn't working hunting the fields and crawling in the overhangs and caves.  The area I lived in was a very good place to hunt and many quality artifacts are found. My collection grew and I became more knowledgeable of the cultural time periods and artifact typology. 

Fast forward to now, I still get out to hunt and like to get together with other fellow collectors at Indian Artifact Shows in Missouri and Arkansas. Years ago, I met Richard Eady also from Marshfield at an auction. We became friends and have hunted and attended auctions and shows together for over ten years.

In 2007 we decided to start an Indian Artifact Show in Springfield, Mo. The show now in its 17th year has grown to become a large show with over 150 tables and hundreds of visitors.

I am a buyer if you have a collection for sale, have artifacts for sale on this website and have been known to trade artifacts. I am a member of the AACA and abide by their rules when selling artifacts, have 100 % positive feedback on Ebay and only believe in selling authentic items. Feel free to contact me if you have a collection for sale or want to know more about artifacts on this website.

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